Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Etsy Update

Having sold five of my Viva la RebeluciĆ³n prints over the past month, I consider my Etsy shop to be a moderate success! :) I even got my first positive feedback the other day in spite of the print arriving damaged due to post office mishandling. Sadly, however, I heard from that seller yesterday and she told me that her husband accidentally threw away the print because it was still in its packaging and he didn't realize it until it was too late. I'm saddened to hear of the untimely demise of one of my paper babies, but I know others will be well taken care of and live long happy lives. So here's to you, Print No. 20 of 21! I know you're hanging happily framed in the eternal gallery in the sky!

In related news, I'd like to sell some of my other prints that I made in college, though I'm not sure they'd do as well since I don't think there's quite as much demand for them. But who knows? They might wind up being more popular than I think. We'll just have to see...

Monday, August 8, 2011

Introducing “Our Pet Diaries”

For a few years now, the hubby and I have been keeping "pet journals" for our dogs just so we can make note of fond memories as well as any health things that come up with the dogs (and the cat is in there too). After I was cleaning up my Documents folder one day, I decided that it would be easier to update the journal if I just turned it into a blog! That way I can add tags to each new entry which will make it much easier to reference and organize. After a couple weeks of converting everything over into the new blog format, it's finally (mostly) up to date!